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Anisometropia can be congenital or acquired. But most often it is the congenital or genetic Ciprofloxacin form of the disease. If one of the close relatives had this pathology, then most likely it will manifest itself in the younger generation. In early childhood, the disease may be latent, but with age, symptoms will appear.

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do not overstrain your eyes, if you sit at the computer for a long time, then let them rest every hour; do exercises to maintain, improve and restore vision. Fully restore vision is possible! The main thing is to adhere to these rules and strictly follow the recommendations of cipro pills doctor.

For a more complete acquaintance with the causes and symptoms of eye diseases, use the convenient search on the site. We advise you to read the article about ametropia - an anomaly, also associated with a violation of refraction.

This is a serious violation, which is accompanied by a violation of visual perception in only one eye. At the same time, the second one sees well. The result of the disease is amblyopia. It means complete blindness due to inactivity (passivity) of the eye.

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Congenital diseases must be taken seriously. Such conditions require mandatory treatment, as they can lead to adverse consequences.